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Siemens Volume Zoom 4-slice

The clinical equipments, angiography, computed tomography-CT, magnetic resonance imaging-MRI, X-rays, molecular imaging, radiation oncology, cardiology are being produced and used in the medical industry from past a decade. The systems manufactured by Siemens have been circulating on a wide spread. The equipments system used are refurbished that is reconditioned to use in the clinical applications, this process of usage is beneficial to the environment and cost effective. The Siemens refurbished systems made of high quality and quality process where the business unit has a proven excellence to the process of reconditioning the system, components and spare parts.The performances of these systems are high and are at an ease on the operational usage. These products are considered as Eco-line systems and sold in the market.

Refurbished Siemens Somatom Volume Zoom CT Scanner

Siemens refurbished systems are budgeted and are designed as per the specification of the customer as the demand for sustainability is high. The system saves 108tons of carbon di oxide thereby extending the life cycle of the product. The technological solutions implemented in the systems are latest and advanced to save the resources comprising the entire equipment. Experts are employed to assure on the quality of the system as per the industrial standards incorporated universally. The step by step procedure is audited to provide longitivity and durability of the refurbished system.

As a certified producer of the Siemens refurbished systems, the foot switches, the test boards and semiconductor components, handles, magnetic rings are all qualitatively refurbished to ensure right fit and replacement of the working technique of the refurbished devices. The technical prospects of the entire unit are carefully handled to achieve the precision of working as a new system. This enhances the durability of the product thus produced.

Customers using Siemens refurbished system value the concept of thinking economical and ecologically implementing it. The quality standard of the device is equal to the new system and the device costumed to the solution of the client. In IVES health care the refurbished systems are supplied and supported with the services of the product. With world’s leading manufacturer you may visit our website and order the devices where the choices are wide range. You may also get in touch with the number provided for further queries and services.

Refurbished Siemens Somatom Volume Zoom CT Scanner
  • 4 Slices / rotation
  • 70 cm gantry aperture
  • +/- 30 deg tilt
  • Lightning UFC detector array
  • Sureview image reconstruction
  • 500 millisecond rotation time
  • 5.3 MHU Dura Akron B tube
  • 60 KW X-Ray Generator
  • 160 slices in 20s breath hold
  • Syngo user interface
  • Sealed gantry reduces noise and protects sensitive electronics from dust.

The feature of Siemens refurbished systems are as follows:-

  • Energy saving with respect to supply and production of the material to the manufacturing of the system.
  • Emission control from 20,000tons of carbon di oxide per year approximately.
  • Electrical energy preserving of 5,400KW per year approximately.
  • Easy accessibility to the customers.
  • Services and warranty given that is equivalent to the medical equipment which is new.
  • Efficiency in quality and maintenance.
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